Consultation & Measurements

Your first consultation will be a no-pressure, no obligation opportunity to share what you are looking for in your remodeling project. Whether it’s as simple as a new sink or a full blown remodeling project, we will help you take the next step toward seeing your desires become reality. Many projects can be done with minimal design work but for the more ambitious projects, a well crafted design is a must to avoid costly mistakes and budget overruns.


Bathroom and Kitchen design is a technical and artistic process requiring years of expertise. We rely upon local designers who are a part of our trusted network who have the experience and skills to make the process enjoyable and hassle free. With your measurements in hand, an appointment will be scheduled with a designer to discuss options and to find products that fit your budget. From flooring to backsplash and even appliances, everything is up for discussion. No commitment is required to schedule a design consultation. If you’ve made your own design or acquired a design from another provider, we would be happy to provide a quote for the installation.

Project Costs

Your design choices will determine the cost of the materials for your project. After reviewing your design, we will submit a price for installing the products you have chosen. Combining your materials and installation costs will give you the total cost to complete your project. Once the project costs have been determined, you are at a place to decide whether or not to move forward with the project.

Final Measurement and Ordering

Once you decide to move forward with the project, your designer will take final measurements to ensure all products in the design are the correct dimension for your space. Once the measurements are confirmed to be correct, the materials can be ordered and shipped to your home or picked up from a local supplier.

Installation & Warranty

After the materials have arrived at your home, the installation will be scheduled. Our installers are part of our trusted network of installation professionals and have years of experience specifically in the bath and kitchen industry. Permits are acquired and inspections performed when required by local municipalities so you know your project is done right and to code. All installers are insured and licensed for their respective trades so you can be sure you will receive professional results. All labor performed falls within our 12 month warranty period and protects against failure due to improper installation.